8 books that legendary tech investor Marc Andreessen thinks everyone should read during the pandemic

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Marc Andreessen.
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  • Marc Andreessen shared new book recommendations to complement his essay on America's failure to build.
  • The reading list, which Andreessen shared on Twitter, includes a biography of Thomas Edison and an investigation into the San Francisco Bay Area's housing crisis.
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Marc Andreessen has a new reading list for his followers who are isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The famed tech investor posted an essay over the weekend on why the western world's failed response to the virus can be blamed on its "widespread inability to build." He calls on the nation to build housing, transportation, hospitals, and schools, as well as the systems to support people in these institutions.

"I think building is how we reboot the American dream. The things we build in huge quantities, like computers and TVs, drop rapidly in price. The things we don't, like housing, schools, and hospitals, skyrocket in price," he .

"What's the American dream? The opportunity to have a home of your own, and a family you can provide for. We need to break the rapidly escalating price curves for housing, education, and healthcare, to make sure that every American can realize the dream, and the only way to do that is to build."

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门In a tweet thread, Andreessen shared eight books as a complement to his essay. They range from a biography of America's prolific inventor, Thomas Edison, to an investigation into the San Francisco Bay Area's housing crisis.

Here are Marc Andreessen's book recommendations on building:

"Whole Earth Discipline: Why Dense Cities, Nuclear Power, Transgenic Crops, Restored Wildlands, and Geoengineering Are Necessary" by Stewart Brand (2010)

whole earth discipline

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门A book "on why even environmentalists should be pro building, pro cities, pro nuclear, and pro genetic engineering," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"More from Less: The Surprising Story of How We Learned to Prosper Using Fewer Resources—and What Happens Next" by Andrew McAfee (2019)

more from less book

A book "on how modern technological economies can build more outputs with less inputs, and why we need all economies to be modern and technological," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"The Power of Productivity: Wealth, Poverty, and the Threat to Global Stability" by William Lewis (2005)

the power of productivity book

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门A book "on how technology-driven productivity growth improves human welfare and creates more jobs and higher wages," Andreessen says.

Buy it here:

"Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise" by George Gilder (1992)

the spirit of enterprise book

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门A book "on how economic systems that encourage aggressive entrepreneurship build the most for the benefit of the most," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"The Tycoons: How Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and J. P. Morgan Invented the American Supereconomy" by Charles R. Morris (2006)

the tycoons book

A book "on how four great builders of the 19th century built the world we live in today," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"Edison" by Edmund Morris (2019)

edison book

A book "on perhaps the greatest American builder of all, the builder who brought electricity to us all, Thomas Edison," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier" by Edward Glaeser (2011)

triumph of the city book

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门A book "on the central role cities play in our world and why it's so important for us to build them -- more, bigger, better," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

"Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America" by Conor Dougherty (2010)

Golden Gates by Conor Dougherty
GOLDEN GATES: Fighting for Housing in America.
Courtesy of Conor Dougherty

2020欧洲杯夺冠热门A book "on why we can't build in great American cities like San Francisco today and what we need to do about it," Andreessen .

Buy it here:

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